Transformational / Spiritual Coaching

Get unstuck and fast track your spiritual development

If you’re new to the spiritual world, or just feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward, I highly recommend learning the energy systems of Reiki and Ashati, combined with tailored coaching/teaching. These energy systems are permanent upgrades to your energetic body and facilitate personal, spiritual and psychic development, and of course you can use them to heal yourself and others.

The combination of these two energy systems and tailored coaching is my most popular package, and I’ve seen many people go through rapid development and evolution.

Wellness coaching

Energy Work

Reiki ("universal energy") you know somewhat already. Apart from using it to heal yourself and others, it's good for connecting the body with the mind i.e. being able to listen on the body's feedback and intuition. The other is Ashati and, while it's for healing, it's especially about connecting with your higher self (guidance, purpose and psychic gifts), along with some other applications such as clearing energy in a room/house, communicating with guides/spirits and clearing entities.  The 3 levels of each upgrade your energetic nature and get progressively stronger, and you can also pass them on to others after level 3.

After each activation, you have an integration period of 21 days (really it's the first 5-7 days that can be rough), where you carry out a self-healing every day. During this time, negative energy such as trauma and false beliefs are brought up to clear, and this can be a difficult time emotionally. The self healings are to help clear this, as well as for your own practise. You'll also likely be tired for at least a few days after each activation, sleeping longer than usual, while your body upgrades to reflect it's new energetic nature.  Each activation/level also comes with a manual of teachings.

Coaching / Teaching

These sessions are an hour or more in length and vary in content because it depends where you’re at and what your interests are:

  • Coaching: Goal setting, structure/routine and accountability
  • Energy work (Reiki and Ashati energy systems as above)
  • Shamanism: Shamanic theory, connecting to the spirit world, vegetalismo
  • Meditation
  • Psychology / Psychotherapy : Jung, shadow-work, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Parts-work and Process-work psychotherapy
  • Nutrition, exercise, fasting and the physical body: hormonal manipulation for optimal health and cognition
  • Tantra
  • Gaia/Nature and how all things are connected (including you!)
  • Consciousness, quantum physics and how we create our own reality
  • The bigger picture: Ancient civilisations, entities & aliens!


This course is run over 6 two-hour sessions, and each session includes 1 activation - starting with Reiki 1, then Ashati 1 and so on, up until Reiki 3 (master) and Ashati 3. The quickest pace to run through everything is 3 months with one coaching session & activation every fortnight, though you can space these out as needed.


Each session is $320

If you’d just like to learn Reiki or Ashati, they are available separately.

Ready to start?

Contact me. Custom packages are also available.