For Personal Training

I have intermittently been doing yoga for years. Never have my arms nor hips been corrected to create such strength and alignment. Andrew has an in-depth knowledge of the capacity and mechanics of the body and on another level knows how to create and more importantly, help you develop a mind-body connection. I believe this connection is critical when you are seeking results without creating unnecessary stress and injuries in the body.

I highly recommend Andrew for his unique style of personal training.

Dina Cooper, CEO and Founder at Raising Happy Humans

Training with Andrew is always a pleasure. He is consistently punctual, enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable. Since beginning our sessions, my body mechanics and dynamic postural strength have improved tremendously. In addition, I have noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality, and I've felt an overall greater sense of wellness. I am able to train more frequently, and for longer periods. I highly recommend his services.

Shane, Chiropractor

I'm inexperienced when it comes to fitness and balancing the body, so I really appreciated Andrew's down-to-earth approach to all the new concepts and lessons. I already had a basic understanding of some of the ideas surrounding the mental and spiritual aspects of Andrew's training/teaching, but he was able to build on that to greater heights and really assisted in my growth. The best point has to be his deep understanding of the body and how it works, being well tempered with a higher level of comprehension. That makes it very easy for someone like me to digest, being less experienced in those fields!

Rebecca Robinson

For Energy Healing

Andrew conducted a remote energy healing for me whilst I was very ill and in pain with a kidney infection in Colombia. I experienced a miraculous increase in energy and decrease in pain. I know I wouldn't have been able to catch my flight home without it. Highly recommended.

Tabitha Ellis, England

I received a distance energy healing from Andrew a couple a days ago...I was going through a lot of mental confusion, frustration & love related issues. Felt heart ache and crying...It’s been 2 days and I’m back to a quiet mind, my heart feels relieved and I just can’t bother to worry about it anymore! Thank you so much Andrew for bringing me back to my center and peace of heart and mind!!

Sarah, Spain

After two energetic healings (from Oz to France) I can say Andrew is very talented...He helped me big time to release my throat chakra which was completlely stuck, and my heart chakra too. He has a very soft yet powerful energy. I would love to learn with him.

Florence, France

Andrew is such a lovely person. I had my first ever Reiki session with him this week and I was so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I totally recommend his services

Jessica Lynn, Australia

For Energy Healing Training

I have recently completed the Ashati and Reiki energy activations with Andrew, and have found the process pretty amazing. I didn't quite know what to expect going into it, and was really grateful for his guidance and support throughout the integrations which were sometimes quite difficult. It has given me tremendous insight into my inner patterns and a newfound ability to shift old energy and blocks in myself and others. He was always there with insight and support, and I couldn't recommend this process highly enough, particularly for those seeking personal growth and wanting to heal themselves and others.

Melinda King, Australia