Shamanic Healing

What is a Shamanic Healing?

There are many different types of shamanic healing - essentially it's a form of healing that utilises any of the various shamanic techniques such as chanting, drumming, smoke, rattles etc. As a Tabaquero (Tobacco Shaman), I utilise tobacco and a traditional shamanic healing that originated in Peru. This involves a tobacco snuff called Rapéh, followed by a tobacco clearing using smoke (which smells quite nice, unlike cigarettes), a chakapa (leaf rattle) and an icaro (a medicine song, in this case to call forth the spirit of Tobacco). I also use a shamanic rattle, and all of these techniques help shake loose and clear negative energies. The rhythmic sounds of the rattles also help facilitate an altered state of consciousness. 

As I'm also an energy healer, I also do an Reiki energy healing after the Shamanic healing.  It's easier to get in much deeper with the energy work once the negative energies are cleared by the Shamanic techniques.  I finish the session with a medicine drum which helps ground the energies into the body.  The drum also helps move anything else the session has brought up, but the patient hasn't been able to let go of by using the powerful vibrations and rhythmic beat. We then discuss what came up during the session, how you can integrate the healing, and how to best move forward on your path.

Smoking pipe

Why use Tobacco?

Tobacco has been used across the Americas in indigenous cultures in many ways - smoked, snorted, drunk, even tobacco enemas!  But we're told it causes cancer right?  Actually that's the hundreds of chemicals added to cigarettes, and you're not supposed to inhale the smoke while smoking tobacco (obviously it's bad for the lungs).  Tobacco clears negative energy and grants protection. It gives guidance and the smoke carries intention.   It's grounding and makes you very present, while also being energising.

What about entity removal and Soul Retrieval?

Entities are rare, but they can become attached to a person, or to a location.  These might simply be 'lost souls' and the work is to help the soul along it's path - to help it move on.  It could also be a dark/negative entity and the work would be to clear / banish it.  This can be done in one session.

'Soul Retrieval' is a term used when healing a fragmentation of a person's Soul/psyche, or energy.  For example, a childhood trauma occurred in the past and the person finds themselves ruminating on the memory of the event. The event may also shape their relationship with themselves and others.  The person no longer feels 'whole' because that mental and emotional energy is "stuck in the past" and not in the present where it should be.  Retrieving and integrating this energy, or fragment, greatly assists healing. Multiple healing sessions are sometimes required to address this sort of issue.

How long does it take?

A session takes about an hour and a half.

What does it cost?

It's $160 for the session.


Available at La Tierra Curativa, our beautiful permaculture oasis at 55 Glen Rd, Ourimbah on the Central Coast.

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