Reiki / Energy healing

What is Reiki and Energy healing?

Reiki is a form of energy healing originally from Japan. Reiki translates to "Universal Energy", or Spiritual or Sacred Energy, and it is a powerful healing modality that simultaneously works on the body, mind and spirit. I've been training in multiple energy systems in addition to Reiki such as Ashati, Seichim and Golden Dragon, as well as undergoing Shamanic training in Peru, and I use all of these in my energy healings.

Various forms of energy healing It has been used for millennia and across numerous cultures, and has been scientifically shown to help with:

  • Fatigue (low energy levels)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Insomnia
  • General emotional health and wellbeing
  • Muscular pain and tension
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Soft tissue damage (tendonitis, sprains and strains, arthritis)
  • Poor immunity
  • Inflammation
  • And more!

What is your energy healing space like?

Nestled in a tranquil valley and surrounded by wildlife, the land itself gives a feeling of connection and being held. The healing space is elevated and surrounded by trees and birds, and feels like being in a treehouse.

Reiki energy healing space

What does a Reiki session involve?

I start by checking in with how you to see how you are feeling and what's been coming up recently, as well as what your intention is for the session. I then get you to lie down and relax while I channel Reiki and other energies into your energetic body. This is generally following the charkras from crown to base, as well as the temples (for the mind/brain) and feet (to ground). During this time you'll actually feel the energy moving - most commonly this is felt as heat, vibration or relaxation, but it may also include light, images or even words. Afterwards we'll have a debrief to discuss the experience, inclouding any messages or intution you received, as well as what came through for me while I was working on you.


Central Coast

Available at La Tierra Curativa, our beautiful permaculture oasis at 55 Glen Rd, Ourimbah

Distance healings

Distance healings are also available which work just as well, if not better (I know, strange but true). Energy isn't bound by time or space and I find the client and myself can more deeply tune in when there's no distractions, and the client is lying comfortably in bed. Get a boost while you're recuperating at home, it couldn't be easier!


In Person: healings are $140 and a session is an hour.
Via Distance: zoom or phone sessions are $120

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How does it work?

Everything is energy. And not just in a "woo-woo", new age sense - Einstein said the same thing. Everything around us is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Sound and light waves vibrate at frequencies we sense and interpret as tones and colours. Electromagnetic radiation (radio-waves, X-rays etc) are forms of energy we can't perceive, but can measure. Even physical matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies – solid matter vibrates slowly, liquids vibrate more quickly, and gasses quicker still. Measuring some forms of energy such as the human biofield, or aura, are still in their infancy and are controversial, but it wasn't long ago that we couldn't measure any form of electromagnetic radiation!

Just as the world around is made of energy, so too are we. The brain and body are driven by measureable electrical impulses. Knowledge of the body's energetic structure (the chakra system, along with and the more complex meridians in Chinese medicine) has been a part of various traditions for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It's even a part of our everyday language and culture. We feel "broken hearted", corresponding to disrupted or depleted energy in our heart chakra. We get a "frog in our throat", corresponding to a blockage in our throat charka which governs communication. We get "butterflies in our stomach", corresponding to the sacrel chakra which governs emotions and our zest for life. Rulers wear a crown - a symbolic representation of their connection to the divine, corresponding to the crown chakra.

Reiki energy healing

Just as our thoughts, actions and diet affect our energy in a way we can perceive, so too can we directly affect energy. Different systems have developed to do exactly that. The most well-known of these is Reiki, along with the "laying on of hands" in Christianity and other religions. During energy healings, high vibrational energies are channelled into the patient, who will generally feel sensations in the physical body. Whether it's a tingling sensation, a warmth or a feeling of relaxation, you can actually feel that something is happening. The innate intelligence of the recipient will then use this energy to heal or assist them as needed.

For example, a patient has inflammation of the right wrist, causing pain. The healer channels the appropriate energies into the wrist (and the rest of the energetic body), but then the client's body takes over and directs these energies into the physical body to reduce inflammation and rebuild the damaged connective tissue. The [higher level] cause of the soreness is usually metaphysical in nature, so in the case of a sore wrist it's often around not being flexible in regards to their work (hands usually relate to work). As it's the right wrist, it's to do with the masculine energy of doing rather than receiving. Becoming aware of the metaphysical cause helps the physical ailment heal far more rapidly, and energy healing helps the patient realise the cause, sometimes during the healing, and sometimes afterwards. Although a strange concept to begin with, these manifestations of illness are a way our body uses to communicate with us when we aren't open to seeing life's lessons clearly.

Energy systems

Different energy systems give access to slightly different energies, with different uses and effects. The energy systems I work with during healings are below, and I teach courses on many of them:


Perhaps the most well-known energy healing system, Reiki originated in Japan and means "universal life energy".

Shamanism / Earth energy

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual system or "religion". Though it has many different variations across the world, they all focus on connecting to the Earth in some way. Part of shamanic training involves forming relationships with various allies - be they the spirits of plants, animals or otherwise. During my healing sessions my plant allies are called forth and join in the healing. (And you thought energy healing was weird!)


More recently developed by the Ashati Institute, this is an emotional and mental healing system to connect you to your higher self and your own wisdom.


Also developed by the Ashati Institute, this system is more focused on the physical body and energies that directly affect it.


Sometimes taught and practised alongside Reiki, this is an elemental based system that seems to have originated from Ancient Egypt.

Golden Dragon

An ancient aspect of Reiki that was thought lost, Golden Dragon is a way to connect to the earth's energies.


Andrew conducted a remote energy healing for me whilst I was very ill and in pain with a kidney infection in Colombia. I experienced a miraculous increase in energy and decrease in pain. I know I wouldn't have been able to catch my flight home without it. Highly recommended.

Tabitha Ellis, England

I received a distance energy healing from Andrew a couple a days ago...I was going through a lot of mental confusion, frustration & love related issues. Felt heart ache and crying...It’s been 2 days and I’m back to a quiet mind, my heart feels relieved and I just can’t bother to worry about it anymore! Thank you so much Andrew for bringing me back to my center and peace of heart and mind!!

Sarah, Spain

After two energetic healings (from Oz to France) I can say Andrew is very talented...He helped me big time to release my throat chakra which was completlely stuck, and my heart chakra too. He has a very soft yet powerful energy. I would love to learn with him.

Florence, France

Andrew is such a lovely person. I had my first ever Reiki session with him this week and I was so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. I totally recommend his services

Jessica Lynn, Australia

More reviews are on my testimonials page and facebook page.

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