Men's Circle - Journey with the Divine Masculine

Men's circle - Journey with the Divine Masculine

A Shamanic container for Men seeking Wholeness and Sacredness with Mark Flood from Shamanic Spirit and Andrew Edmonds from Temple of the Soul

In this increasingly shifting world and the new directions being called for us to find, the power of complete and total self-reviewal is strong, confronting and yet also, abundantly rich with opportunity waiting to be seized.

This age - where toxicities and imbalanced dominances in and of all forms are being recognised, released and held up to the light of clearer day - entrenched energetic identity structures or outdated patriarchal timelines are being stripped away and relegated to history.

So within this stripping back and casting away, where does it leave the newly summoned, self-emergence of men?

How do we reclaim or renew our sacredness, wholeness, spirituality and our creative and empowerment energies?

Firstly and importantly – we do not have to do it on our own.

This offering has been seeded to create a space within shamanic and spiritual containers to give permission and framework for men to explore the reaches and depths of our contemporary and emerging selfdom.

Using ancient spiritual and mental imprints that dwell as expressions of archetypal forms, we will call out to these figures through shamanically induced altered states and ask of them the questions of who we are and what are we being called to do, so we may better find purpose and our way forwards to wholeness and sacredness.

  • Exploring within us four Archetypes – Warrior, King, Shaman and Lover
  • One is covered each month on a Thursday night: next up is The Shaman
  • These Archetypes plus the Child and the Fool will be covered again over a 3 day retreat from the 25th till the 27th of November

The once a month, Thursday night container looks like this:

  • Enter into sacred shamanic space, facilitated by Mark and Andrew, and their allyships
  • Dropping into presence with Rapeh sacred tobacco and meditative clearing techniques
  • Open and share in a sacred and non-judgemental circle
  • Explore the night’s Archetype through a drum led shamanic journey
  • Debrief and share reflections on senses and understanding around Archetypal connection

Next Dates

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.