Mapacho (Tobacco) Ceremony

For those wanting to develop or deepen their relationship with Tobacco, I am holding ceremonies at Ourimbah on the Central Coast - an hour from Sydney. These ceremonies are kept small and intimate, and places are limited to 5 people.

Andrew with Pipe

Tobacco as Medicine

Tobacco is considered a master teacher plant, and the Amazonian tobacco Nicotina Rustica (often called Mapacho) is a stronger version of the tobacco we usually see in the west. It is strong and direct and has powerful healing qualities offering deep cleansing, grounding and clarity to the individual.

In traditions around the world, it's smoke is used as a way to clear, protect and carry intention. In ceremonies it is drunk as a strong brew prepared and prayed over by the Tobaquero (tobacco shaman).  This medicine is not psychedelic and it primarily works in two ways: it cleans the body of toxins and negative energy, and it communicates to us via our intuition and dream space.

When we open an intentional relationship with tobacco and drink it, it cleans us deeply and carries both the shaman's and our intentions for healing into our being, our body, our psyche.

The Ceremony

The ceremony is a traditional ceremony - I prepare the medicine for drinking and insufflation by the participants. I then work on the participants using a chakapa (leaf rattle), icaro (medicine song) and tobacco smoke to clear negative energies. Participants then retire to their beds to commune with the medicine.

Included are two short one on one consultations - one before the ceremony, and one the next morning. The first is to discuss what has been coming up, what you intentions are, and to answer any questions you may have. The second is to discuss your experience - your dreams and insights from the communications with Mapacho. Breakfast will be provided the next morning to help ground and rejuvenate.

Cost and location

The location is La Tierra Curativa, my home in Ourimbah on the Central Coast. This is an acreage situated in a lush valley with birds, native animals and farm animals. The cost is $400 for one night or $750 for two nights (contact me to see if two nights are available in conjunction with listsed dates below). This sounds like a lot of money for drinking tobacco and purging, but the resulting healing is profound, and stronger than anything else I've encountered. Contact me directly if you'd like to pay in cash, or to split the price into part payments (a $200 deposit and the rest payable on the day).

La Tierra Curativa

About me

I started working with Mapacho in April 2017. After receiving guidance from the spirit of Mapacho, I travelled to Peru for many months to work deeply with tobacco and different trees, undergoing deep healing and communion with these medicines. After completing my tobacco initiation for my Maestria of Tobacco, I finished training as a Tabaquero Curandero (tobacco shaman and healer). My maestro is Tess Noah, who follows in the lineage of Ernesto Garcia Torres of the Mamanconawa lineage. Previously to this, I had worked with other plant medicines for some years, and have also trained in various energy healing systems such as Reiki and Ashati.

Next Dates

• Friday, 22nd of September - purchase tickets

• Friday, 3rd of November - purchase tickets

You can also contact me to be added to the mailing list for future events.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to participate?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age or older.

Can anyone drink tobacco?
No, there are contraindications for those with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. I will screen all participants to ensure it is safe for you to drink.

What will I experience after drinking?
The taste and smell of tobacco is quite intense and spicy. You will feel incredibly grounded and present in the physical body, and you will also likely feel some nausea. You will then feel the energy of tobacco moving powerfully through your body, clearing blockages as it heals on both a physical and energetic level. Tobacco is a stimulant and your mind will be very active and full of energy. The spirit of tobacco may communicate with you via intuition (internal dreamlike visions, a soft voice, a knowing, etc.) and dreams.

Will I purge?
Tobacco is a purgative, and it's possible that you will purge, however this is part of the healing process. The purging is both on a physical level to remove toxins, but more so on an energetic level to release negative energy (traumas, patterns and programming) that no longer serves us. Some purge right after drinking, some later in the night, and many don't purge at all - whatever happens is exactly what is required.

Heart health
Due to the potential risk to the heart, anyone who has had heart/chest pain recently must have an ECG to ensure their heart is healthy enough to drink tobacco.  You must also wait 3 weeks after an mRNA vaccination before you can drink tobacco due to an increased risk of cardiac arrest.

What should I bring?

  • A water bottle
  • Loose, comfortable clothing - I recommend nothing new or white as the medicine can stain
  • A book or similar to journal in
  • An intention - what you wish to work on (healing, guidance etc)

Bedding, towels and breakfast will be provided.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.