Holistic Personal Training

What is it?

This is a unique approach to personal training that fuses traditional personal training with mindfulness and martial arts. It combines functional strength training, body mechanics, nutrition and flexibility with mindfulness, martial arts and psychology. These complementary practices confer multiple benefits – strengthening the body and mind, increasing energy, optimising hormones, reducing stress, enhancing cognition and improving wellness.

The program is tailor made to suit your fitness level, interests and goals. I believe exercise should be enjoyable and sustainable - I don't yell at my clients like a drill sergeant or push them until they throw up. Sessions are guided by how you feel on the day - if you are feeling tired and run down we'll take it a bit easier and focus more on stretching or breathing exercises, but if you're feeling great we'll push for a personal best!

Training at the beach

What's in it?

Functional Strength Training

Strength training makes you feel strong and confident in your body and develops mental fortitude and toughness. Using a combination of free weights and bodyweight exercises in functional movement patterns means you can apply the same movement principles in daily life. Strength training strengthens the entire physical structure (muscles, bones and connective tissues), increases energy production, improves cardiovascular capacity, enhances coordination and cognition while greatly improving the body's hormonal profile.

More on the benefits of strength training.

Posture, Alignment & Body Mechanics

Focusing on correct posture and alignment is of the utmost importance to avoid injury - not only during exercise, but also in daily life. Correct alignment can also help relieve or eliminate existing joint pain, such as in the knees or lower back. Learning correct body mechanics makes the body significantly stronger and more stable during movement.


Muscles and connective tissue shorten as we age unless they are taken through their full range of motion. Using yoga asana and stretching techniques means we can lengthen these tissues to become more flexible. Stretching relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints while also increasing blood-flow through the body to promote healing and wellbeing.


You really are what you eat. Learn how to optimise your nutrition to improve body composition, increase energy, enhance cognition and improve mood. Nutritional changes can even help with depression and anxiety! Learn how to implement fasting to fast track weight loss and promote the body's incredible healing capabilities - reducing inflammation and triggering autophagy (cellular clean-up) to fight multiple diseases including cancer.

More on nutrition. More on the amazing benefits of fasting.

Mindfulness / Meditation

Exercise if a moving meditation – a way to connect the mind with the body and be grounded in the present moment. Challenging exercises force you to be completely present and focused, helping you to achieve the same in day to day life. We also sometimes do a short meditation or set of breathing exercises at the beginning of a session to become present and re-energise. Being mindful of your body and mind helps you tune into how you feel and what you need to best support yourself at any given time.

Martial arts

My understanding of training and body mechanics is first and foremost informed by martial arts. I also teach striking / self defense and have pads and a heavy bag to practise on. Learn how to use punches, kicks, elbows and knees to deliver powerful strikes in combination to vulnerable targets and learn the complex yet calming movements of tai chi to develop relaxation, coordination and power.

Psychology and mindset

Exercise is a microcosm of life. The discipline, self motivation, and ultimately, the self-mastery you learn during these sessions will flow into all aspects of your life. Learn about how powerful changing your mindset can be, and how it can even make you stronger.

For me, and my clients, these techniques are the foundation for transforming to a state of health and wellness.

Who am I?

My over 20 years of experience in strength training, martial arts and yoga has taught me many things about how the body works.

I’ve learnt how to listen to my body, how to use it effectively and how to train in an optimal way. I've also learnt how to effectively teach the same techniques to others, regardless of their experience. This is what makes my sessions so effective.

I've read about physiology and nutrition and experimented on myself to see the effect of different diets and training methods. I've also done a lot of personal development and spiritual work, and am experienced with meditation and energy healing.

All of this comes into my holistic approach to health and wellness.

Training at the gym

Location & Pricing

My studio gym is located at La Tierra Curativa, our beautiful permaculture oasis at 55 Glen Rd, Ourimbah on the Central Coast.

Sessions are $60/hr, and you can bring a friend for $30 extra. Or buy 10 sessions at $50 each, and $25 each for a friend.

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I have intermittently been doing yoga for years. Never have my arms nor hips been corrected to create such strength and alignment. Andrew has an in-depth knowledge of the capacity and mechanics of the body and on another level knows how to create and more importantly, help you develop a mind-body connection. I believe this connection is critical when you are seeking results without creating unnecessary stress and injuries in the body.

I highly recommend Andrew for his unique style of personal training.

Dina Cooper, CEO and Founder at Raising Happy Humans

Training with Andrew is always a pleasure. He is consistently punctual, enthusiastic, energetic, and knowledgeable. Since beginning our sessions, my body mechanics and dynamic postural strength have improved tremendously. In addition, I have noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality, and I've felt an overall greater sense of wellness. I am able to train more frequently, and for longer periods. I highly recommend his services.

Shane, Chiropractor

I'm inexperienced when it comes to fitness and balancing the body, so I really appreciated Andrew's down-to-earth approach to all the new concepts and lessons. I already had a basic understanding of some of the ideas surrounding the mental and spiritual aspects of Andrew's training/teaching, but he was able to build on that to greater heights and really assisted in my growth. The best point has to be his deep understanding of the body and how it works, being well tempered with a higher level of comprehension. That makes it very easy for someone like me to digest, being less experienced in those fields!

Rebecca Robinson

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