Why your health affects others

Here I’m defining health as physical health and mental health/wellbeing. Your health, be it good or bad, affects those around you – your friends, family and the community at large. This may or may not be something you’ve thought about, and I understand if it makes you angry, but stay with me for a moment.

A lot of diseases and health problems are not avoidable, and these people deserve our care and respect – let me make it clear that I’m not taking aim at anyone with such a condition. But many diseases are avoidable, and reversible - type 2 diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety to name but a few. A genetic predisposition to these diseases doesn’t mean you’re at their mercy either.

If you’re in good health, you have more energy to give to those around you, and to your purpose. Maybe you even inspire others to do the same.

Physical and mental health affects you and others

If you’re in poor health, you require more energy from those around you - their care and resources. This includes friends and family, doctors, nurses, hospitals and medications. If you develop a reversible disease and don’t take action, your health will likely deteriorate, leading to poor quality of life and/or premature death. When this happens, you’re not only robbing yourself of the gift of life, you’re robbing all of humanity of your light.

I’ve suffered from burnout working 60-70 hours a week while eating poorly - I was constantly getting sick and I gained weight. I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression (and still do from time to time). I’ve lived with asthma, eczema and allergies. That’s why I started down the path to better health. My health now isn’t perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what it was, and I’m a lot happier.

All of us have the power to achieve and maintain good health [insofar as possible] well into old age. If you can’t hold yourself accountable for your health, consider your responsibility to loved ones, and to the community.

Look after yourself. Get active, eat real food and maintain good mental hygiene. Be mindful of your energy and where it goes.

Need help with your health and wellbeing? Let me know how I can help.


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