My energy journey

I wasn’t born able to channel energy, or to heal. I didn’t see spirits or ghosts as a child. Sure, I experienced the occasional psychic phenomena and had some interesting dreams, but I was more or less a normal child. I tried meditation and various exercises to strengthen my psychic senses, and these helped, but it wasn’t until I started doing energy work that things really started to open up.

Energy Journey

Everyone experiences psychic phenomena. De-je vu is very common. As is the feeling of knowing something is about to happen and then it does (claircognisance). Another is when you’re just about to say something and your friend says the exact same thing (telepathy/telempathy). Or if you’ve just been thinking about someone and then the phone rings and it’s them! Most of us brush off these feelings as flights of fancy or coincidence, and maybe sometimes they are. But these happen too frequently to be coincidence every time. And I'm sure you’ve heard the expression “There’s no such thing as coincidence”.

When I was younger, I always had the feeling there was something more than what I could see. Sometimes I thought I could sense a presence when in nature. I also had the feeling there was someone watching over me, well at least until I dismissed it as childish nonsense. Along came the rationalism of the material world and the idea that emotions are weakness. So I shut it all down.

Some years later I realised the emotional numbness I’d developed was very, very wrong. It was a process of painful digging that allowed me to reconnect and start to heal the pain I’d shut myself off from. I also had an existential crisis - I was seeking something, but I didn’t know what. But now I had the internet at my fingers, and so I read. My interests ranged from religion and shamanism to quantum physics, astrology and the occult. Every culture seemed to have some form of magic and an understanding of energy, along with a belief in the immortality of the soul. “It can’t just be a mass delusion” I thought.

So I started experimenting and trying exercises to develop my psychic powers. I also started meditating on and off. I had some success and experienced interesting phenomena, but nothing life changing and it was slow going. My interest waned as I started university and then work, and I was drawn more into the rational, material world.

I’m not sure why my interest in the non-material world was rekindled. Maybe it was the sense that something was missing in my life. Maybe it was the feeling of purposelessness at work and the gnawing emptiness I could no longer ignore. Or maybe it was my Saturn return. In any case, I started seeking more strongly again - reading up on spirituality, astrology and all things new-agey. I was very independent and always felt I needed to find the answers by myself. Eventually I got over my own ego and started connecting with the spiritual community. I went to events, talked with different people and found knowledgeable teachers – now my learning and progress continued far more rapidly, and my interest continued to grow.

Eventually I was introduced to energy work. I was told how it was amazing it was for spiritual development and healing. I was highly sceptical. This was woo-woo nonsense, totally unsupported by the scientific community, and the healing effect was probably just a placebo. I was so sceptical that I didn’t even purchase my first energy activation, it was a gift. I was always sensitive to energy, though I didn’t know what that meant at the time. I was emotional and sensitive to other’s emotions. Large groups of people were overwhelming, and talking to people was draining - even my closest friends. So I scheduled a time for my first activation in Ashati and sat down to wait, not expecting anything. But when it started I could feel something happening. It felt like waves of energy were coming from somewhere above and into me. There was a warmth in some areas in my body and even faint visuals of white light. Afterwards I felt great – energised and calm. Then came the integration.

When you have an energy activation, high-vibrational energies are merged with your energetic body. As a result, some lower frequency energies that are out of resonance with your new state are ‘shaken loose’. They might be pain or trauma, anger, sadness or grief, and you will be forced to feel these emotions, express them and release them. Think of it as waves on the ocean – the dense energy of a boat is happily floating along on the ocean, but once the waves get too strong, it will get capsize and sink, possibly with all the drama of the sinking of the Titanic. And that drama is exactly how it feels - it’s hard work processing everything that comes up. You’re also very tired after an energy activation, and for a few days I’d need to sleep 10 to 12 hours a night.

But then the benefits show themselves. You feel more connected to your higher self and to your purpose. Your intuition and psychic senses open up, and you start trusting them more. You start to feel more direction in your life and connect to your guides. You’re more sensitive to energy and of course you can channel the energies you’ve had activations for. Interacting with other people is no longer so draining or overwhelming. And of course, you have more energy in general and people react differently to you because of it.

I did a lot of these activations including Reiki, Seichem and Kundalini Reiki. Each experience was similar, but different. I’d always feel something, though sometimes it was subtle and sometimes it was like being smashed by waves of energy. Often some part of my body would be warm or tingling or heavy. Sometimes I’d even have dreamlike visions, and the benefits I wrote about before were magnified.

How someone experiences energy activations depends on their sensory orientation. I’m primarily kinaesthetic (feeling), but others may be visual or auditory and see or hear things. Energy work also opens up the other psychic senses, so I now get more visual phenomena, along with a knowing that seems to come from nowhere. I also saw an energy healer (and still sometimes do) for my own issues that were coming up during the activations and this helped greatly.

When I started energy work, it was for my own spiritual development. I had no intention of becoming an energy healer myself. But I’d always had the thought in the back of my head that I’d like to help heal people in some way, and here I was doing master healer training. I didn’t start healing work for some time because I thought I had to be ‘healed’ in order to heal others. But then I realised no one is perfect and everyone still has their issues, even as they help and heal those around them.

So I started practising on a couple of friends. And they could feel it too. I was (and still am) amazed by the strength of their experiences and the aftereffects. Some just reported feeling great and full of energy while others have traumas come up to heal and relationships in their life change. Some even find they have more direction and purpose in their own spiritual life. I’ve also used energy to help heal my own injuries and illness.

Just as anything else in life, the more I work at it, the better I get. When I started healing others I had a vague sense of what to do, along with some intuitive knowledge that would come through for the patient. This was after a lot of energy training and it was still hard for me to trust my intuition, thinking maybe I was just making things up. But the more it was verified by patients, the more I trusted it and the stronger it got. Now if there is something going on in a patient’s energy body, I’ll often feel it in my own body (I’m an empath) and know what needs some extra healing. This also happens unintentionally with my partner – if she has a headache, I’ll often feel it too! Oh well, I didn’t say energy work would magically fix everything!

Anyone can learn to be more sensitive to energy and connect to their higher self. Regular meditation and exercises will help, but it does take time and dedication. Or you can fast-track your spiritual development with energy activations.

If you would like to chat about spiritual development or you need any more information about energy healing and how it works, feel free to drop me a line. Or if you’re ready to start your own energy journey, you can take advantage of my starter package which includes 3 energy activations (Reiki 1 and Seichim 1 combined + Asahti 1) as well as 2 x one hour coaching sessions valued at $438 for just $350! These are in person in the NSW Central Coast or anywhere in the world via distance – start your journey now!


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