Meditations on the Coronavirus

I know, it's horrible, and likely to get worse before it gets better. But we're meaning making creatures. We use narrative, or stories, to provide that meaning. If we don't know why we're doing something, or why something is happening, it seems random and out of our control. Looking at something from a different perspective can help us change the narrative, and find new meaning.

So what can meaning can we find from recent events?

Meditating on the Coronavirus


Suddenly we can't find the foods and products we take for granted. We're so used to walking into a shop and buying from a myriad of products that we forget how easy we have it. We don't know famine. We have so much variety of food that we eat more for pleasure and novelty than for sustenance. We barely think about the life and energy we're taking into our bodies when eating food.

We have so much - be grateful, even in these times

Reducing out footprint

The virus has certainly increased the number of people working from home, which has dramatically decreased pollution and energy usage. Maybe we're being shown that we have the technology to make a shift towards a more decentralised work-force, rather than everyone going into the central business districts.

A lot of energy and resources go into producing food and creating products, only for us to waste so much. Even fruit and vegetables that are out of season locally are shipped from across the world, just so we can have access to them all year round. Yet we have more food grown locally than we can eat, and it's fresher, seasonal and better for us because of it.

Hopefully food shortages will get more people interesting in growing their own food - you'd be surprised how much you can grow in a small space with pots or vertical gardens. Growing fresh herbs is a great start - they add so much flavor to food, are much better than dried herbs, and are also medicinal.

Fresh produce from the farm

Lessons from nature

Since moving to our little farm, I've seen nature at her most majestic, and her cruelest. I've seen plants grow and flowers bloom, and watched them wither, rot and die. I've seen animals being born, all cute and vulnerable, only to see them die that same day.

Nature is beautiful, but also harsh and impersonal. She is the bringer of life and the destroyer. Be present. Take the time to revel in the beauty of life all around us, for eventually everything dies.

Baby chickens and ducks

Nature seems to like balance. When things get out of balance, something happens to put it back. We develop antibiotics, bacteria develop resistance. We develop pesticides, the pests develop a resistance. Is something like that happening here? Are we the pests on the Earth? Maybe we needed something like this to wake us up.

Our darkest aspects

Yes, many people are giving in to fear, uncertainty and doubt. But we also seem to forget that people will do what they need to survive. People will stockpile food, and it's not an unreasonable thing to do given the circumstances.

But there are those who prey upon the vulnerable in such times - buying up scarce resources to sell them at a profit. Be vigilant against these people - protect your neighbors and community and put a stop to it when you see this behavior.


What stories do you tell yourself? Do they serve you? Contact me if you need help changing your narrative.


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