How to shift blocks

Sometimes we have the feeling that we’re stuck or blocked in achieving our conscious desires, and, try as we may, we just can’t get past it. Blocks are internal resistance that is caused by subconscious patterns or programming. They are egoic constructs that have been in-formed by past experiences such as trauma or conditioning, and while they were created in an attempt to keep us safe, they are out-dated and no longer necessary.

Examples of blocks are believing it’s not safe to speak up, that we can’t have abundance, that we are unlovable, or that we’re unworthy.

Shifting these blocks can be tricky because they are often in the sub-conscious mind and we can’t quite get at what the problem is, or they the block is so strong that we can’t seem to change the programming.

Feeling stuck

Shifting blocks consciously

The first thing to try is to bring the unconscious block to consciousness. Meditate on the problem, sit with it and see what comes up. Try writing, drawing, painting or even creating a mind map of all the connections and feelings that are associated with the block. Create an intention to change the patterns underlying the block and work towards this intention with whatever modality feels right.

If something tight, heavy or cold comes up in the body, breathe into it and try and release it on the exhale. Try and channel some energy from Earth or Source into the space in the body. Use Reiki energy or similar if you’ve been attuned, or find someone who is an energy worker to help.

Shifting blocks unconsciously

Often shifting blocks with the conscious mind fails, but we can still shift things without bringing them to the conscious mind. Try quantum healing, dancing, shaking, or a raise your vibrations with meditation like Joe Dispenza’s blessing of the energy centres.

Alternatively getting an activation in Reiki or other energy systems can help as these shift energy for you, though you’ll still need to process the energy that comes up. Conscious understanding may come during or after this process, or if may not come at all – sometimes we don’t need to know what’s in the garbage, just as long as it’s gone.

I’ve also found tobacco (mapacho) as a plant medicine to be very helpful shifting blocks, and I hold tobacco ceremonies to help other people access this medicine.

Get an external perspective

Talk to someone about it, find a coach or try different techniques to get out of your regular everyday consciousness. Trance states, hypnosis or guided meditations can help, or other plant medicines if they are legal in your area.

Need help shifting blocks? Drop me a line.


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