The Temple of the Soul is a holistic approach to creating optimal health and wellbeing. Combining transformational life coaching, strength training, mindfulness and meditation, nutrition, and Reiki energy healing, I aim to strengthen and integrate the mind, body and spirit.

The services I provide will strengthen your body, increase energy levels, reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance cognition.

I will assist you in clearing subconscious blocks, and negative self beliefs that have held you back. Then guide you to develop the presence, inner strength, and discipline you need to operate at your full potential!

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Energy Healing

Reiki / Energy healing

Energy healing is a powerful complementary medicine that heals the body as a whole. Not only does it make you feel great, it's also been scientifically shown to help with many types of illness and injuries.

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Holistic Personal Training

Holistic Personal Training

A custom program made to suit your body, interests and goals. It incorporates strength training, nutrition, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, tai chi and energy healing.

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Energy Activations

Reiki / Energy Healing Training

Ready to fast track your energetic and spiritual development? Want to learn to heal yourself and others? Get started now - I can attune you in multiple energy systems including Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and Ashati

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Wellness Coaching

Transformative Coaching

A holistic approach fusing physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to lead you on the path of health and wellness. This coaching is deeply transformational and I can help you achieve your health and wellness too.

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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Receive a traditional Peruvian Tabaquero (Tobacco Shaman) healing followed by a full energy healing. Tobacco clears negative energy, gives guidance and grants protection.

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Group Meditation & Energy Healing

Group Meditation & Energy Healing

Come along and go deep in this co-created group space. Open to all those spiritually inclined - beginners welcome! Stay for tea and a chat and meet fellow seekers on the path.

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My eczema story

I've struggled with eczema for most of my life. Here's how I healed the worst eczema I've ever seen. Read more

Healthy eating

My energy journey

I wasn’t born able to channel energy or to heal. It wasn’t until I started doing energy work that things really started to open up. Read more


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