Energy healing training

Everyone can learn to feel energy, to become more sensitive to the energies around and within us, and then channel these energies via intention.

You can learn to feel various energies by attuning to them. These attunements, or activations, allow you to access and direct energy. They also increase your sensitivity to energy around you and your own energetic nature. Following an attunement, previously unconscious aspects of yourself are often brought to the surface, be they beliefs, emotions and trauma, or your own higher nature. Integrating and healing these aspects will accelerate your spiritual development significantly.

Once attuned, you can then channel these energies to help yourself and others, even plants and animals. When learning to heal, you also learn to listen to your own inner guidance – that higher part of yourself that will intuitively know what to do.

Energy Healing Training

The energies we can attune you in are:


Perhaps the most well-known energy healing system, Reiki originated in Japan and means "universal life energy".


More recently developed by the Ashati Institue, this is an emotional and mental healing system to connect you to your higher self and your own wisdom.


Sometimes taught and practised alongside Reiki, this is an elemental based system that seems to have originated from Ancient Egypt.

Golden Dragon

An ancient aspect of Reiki that was thought lost, Golden Dragon is a way to connect to the earth's energies.

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