Hello Andrew Edmonds here, founder of the Temple of the Soul. The services I offer are the very things I've used to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. I can help you to:

  • Improve strength, flexibility and body mechanics
  • Enhance mood, cognition and energy levels
  • Help heal injuries and illness
  • Optimise the genetic and hormonal expression of your body
  • Develop resilience and inner strength
  • Integrate the consciousness with the physical body
  • Experience life in the present moment
  • Become aware of and release emotional and energetic blocks
  • Access and express your power and potential
  • All while having fun and being inspired!

Andrew Edmonds

How did I get here? While I was generally active growing up, I was also drawn to science and philosophy. I had so many questions about how things worked and what was really going on in this life. As I entered into my later teenage years, I "grew up" and was drawn into the "real world" – the pervasive materialistic worldview that we are taught is more important than our own inner world and what we love. I developed my own health issues - depression, anxiety, poor immune function and low energy levels. I didn't feel confident in myself or my abilities and I wanted to hide away and not be noticed. Life seemed bleak and meaningless and I wasted a lot of time with escapist behaviours – watching TV, playing computer games and drinking with friends. I knew something wasn't right.

I looked back to my younger years for clues as to what had changed, what I was missing in later life. I'd stopped meditating, stopped exercising, I was eating poorly, I no longer went out into nature and I'd stopped looking for meaning in life. So I decided to make a change. Even though I had to push myself to do so, I found if I meditated and exercised regularly, I would feel better and have more energy. Martial arts and strength training helped my posture, movement and confidence, and I saw the links between my body and my emotional and mental state. Yoga helped also, teaching me more about posture and alignment, but more importantly how it feels to have correct alignment – to have energy flowing through the body correctly - and how to stay calm and breathe when in a challenging posture or situation.

This led me deeper into the wisdom behind these ancient practises. They all talked of "energy" - be it chi or prana or life-force - which science couldn't fully explain. But I could feel this energy, and knew it was real. So I looked more into mysticism and psychology and how our thoughts, emotions and beliefs affect our physical bodies via our energetic nature. I came across energy healing techniques such as Reiki. I also studied the science of how nutrition and exercise affects our bodies on a physical level, and how quantum physics is now coming to the same conclusions as those in ancient wisdom traditions. I went to Peru and trained in a shamanic tradition working with plant medicines, and now my new plant allies help in my energy healing work. I realised the importance of challenging myself - of overcoming resistance to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. Putting all this into practice transformed my life. Now I'm strong in body, mind and spirit, full of energy, confident and able to effectively deal with the stresses in life.

No longer content to work in the corporate world, I needed to show others how to transform their lives and achieve the same amazing results!

How I can help you?

Andrew Edmonds